Our website provides free betting tips for football. We are a team of specialists with years of experience in sports forecasting. We love this game as passionately as the fans of Tanzania, and we also leave everything behind when Simba and Yanga are playing. Football should support national pride!

To help spectators win with the clubs, we provide free betting tips. And the forecasts are given not only for national but also for international clubs: Premier League of England, La Liga of Spain, Bundesliga of Germany, etc. Read our tips, make correct forecasts, and win!

3 tips before making your football betting tips

Let us share a few simple principles of our experts on making football betting tips. It is most reasonable if you make your own forecasts and then compare them with the experts’ calculations. Then you will get a firm base for competent betting tips.

Also, compare odds from different bookmakers with each other. This way, you will see a common opinion about the probability of events. As we know, the “wisdom of the crowd” effect produces the most accurate forecasts. Dutch scientist Thomas Peters in 2017 investigated collective football forecasts and proved that collective forecasts of hundreds of bettors predict the outcome of the match more accurately than individual experts!

Compare different opinions, research your own forecasts, and use them to win. How can you make your forecast more accurate?

Tip # 1: Study Team Motivation

Perhaps the most important reason to win or lose for a football club is motivation. It has a very strong effect on the performance of the team and comes from a combination of several parameters:

  • Significance of the match: Qualifying for the Champions League or avoiding relegation to the lower echelon
  • The value of the award that will be given to the club as a reward for winning
  • Presence or absence of key players on match day
  • New transfers that may affect the performance of the team

Motivation can make the team win a seemingly lost match. We often see that in major leagues such as the Champions League or Europa League, where unexpected clubs reach the final.

The mood of the team can be calculated from the statements and interviews with players, coaches, or managers of the club. Follow the announcements about the appointment of new coaches, managers, team captains, etc.

Tip # 2: Read the news to know the form of the teams

Along with statements and interviews of the team, read all other news about football. Injuries, disqualifications, transfer of players to the reserve bench strongly influence the outcome of the match. Find out about players’ appointments to defensive and offensive positions. Read the opinion of coaches about their tactics and strategies as well as the opinions of other bettors and experts.

Keep track of news about team winnings and losses. It is important to understand where the clubs win more often – at home or away. The more information you have, the better.

Yes, there are not many places in Tanzania where you can find the Internet. It can be a difficult task. Internet penetration in Tanzania is only at 25% in January 2020, according to the Digital 2020 study. But where do you think the gurus of WhatsApp bets give their football forecasts? They just use the Internet to the maximum! They know that information is a gold mine! So you look for news, read, analyze as much as you can!

Tip #3: Analyze the special abilities of teams

The third thing you need to know is the data on the peculiarities of teams and players. There are teams that are stronger than home. There are those who perform well in at away field. Check the style of play on which the number of goals scored, corners, offsides, etc. depends.

In 2019, the Simba club won more at home than away (76% to 70% of wins in the Tanzania Premier League season).

The Young African club also wins more often at home (52% of victories on their field, 47% – away). But this club is much better at home than all other clubs in the Tanzania Premier League (after Simba).

Simba is more inclined to score at home – 2.35 balls per home match against 1.71 away.

The same proportion is observed for Yanga: 1.35 at home and 0.94 at home.

Simba receives fewer cards than Yanga.

The result of the meeting is either a tie or a 1-2 goal difference. The only time Simba has blown his rivals to ash was the season 2011/2012.

Search Internet sites with football statistics and analyze all available knowledge. The more data you have, the more accurate your forecasts are. This means better profit from football betting.

What types of football tips do we offer?

We provide football betting tips on the most popular markets. Bookmakers give the most profitable odds on these types of betting. That is why we mainly give forecasts on those markets that are interesting for football fans.

Accumulator Tips

It’s a bet that consists of several events. The Odds of the outcome are multiplied, so there is a potential big winning. You can compose your own accumulators or use the ones offered by bookmakers.

But in order to get this prize, all the events indicated in the bet must come true. Otherwise, you will not see the winnings. Some bookmakers allow you to get at least part of the prize if one event out of several wins. That is why a good knowledge of football is so important for winning with acca.

Read our best football tips for today to make the most accurate forecasts. We strive to help you win!

Both Teams To Score Tips

It’s one of the easiest bets. You must guess whether or not both teams will score in the match.

It is important here to choose aggressive teams that like to score. For example, in Tanzanian league, the clubs Simba, Azam, Namungo take the lead in the number of goals.

Or both teams should have a weak defense. In the National Premier League, it is Singida United, Lipuli, Mwadui. These three clubs got the most goals in their gates in the season 2019/2020.

The advantage of this type of bet is that it has a high enough chance to come true. Of course, you have to know about football. But if you have many hours of watched matches under your belt, you can probably imagine what the chances of winning this bet are.

Over 2.5 Goals Tips

It is also a very popular and simple sports betting, perfect for beginners. Bettor tries to guess how many goals there will be in the match – more or less than the specified number. The most popular types of markets are over/under 1.5, 2.5, 3.5. By the way, it is possible to make more or less safe accumulators bets from them.

The right strategy to win such a bet – a thorough study of statistics. In the Tanzanian Premier League the performance of matches is distributed in this way:

  1. 57% of matches are over 1.5, 43% – under 1.5.
  2. 31% of matches are over 2.5, 69% – under 1.5 2.
  3. 14% are over 3.5, 86% are under

In this case, under 1.5 First half occupy 99%! It means that in the first half, 0-1 goals are scored in the overwhelming majority of cases. However, the total score in the whole match is already 50% of 2 or more goals. That means that the safest bet will be Under 1.5 First half / Over 1.5 Full Time.

Knowing all the statistics on football leagues in the world, we can give the most accurate sure betting tips. Of course, there are exceptions. The human factor, motivation, and a lot of other factors affect football unpredictably. But our task is to reduce costs and maximize profits. Since the costs are inevitable, you just need to minimize them and be calm about losing.

Correct Score Tips

This is a very difficult bet, where the player has to guess what score the match will have. Bookmakers usually put limits on the number of goals. You can choose from 0 to 6 goals. It is not possible to predict all the factors that can affect the outcome of the match. That is why there are very big odds in this market.

If the bet wins, you have a chance to make a big profit by investing quite some money. But remember, the risk of losing is too high!

Anytime Goalscorer Tips

A bet means that a certain player must score during the match. That is, you bet on the forward and expect him to score.

The top Tanzanian players by the number of goals scored are:

  • Mbwana Samatta (stands for English Aston Villa)
  • Simon Msuva (plays in Moroccan Difaâ El Jadida)
  • Jerson Tegete (Mwadui United)
  • Thomas Ulimwengu (TP Mazembe Republic of Congo)
  • Khamis Mcha (Ruvu Shooting Club)

Use our football tips to make an effective and winning bet.

Bet of the Day

Bookmakers often offer one or more bets that they think are the best. These can be single or acca bets. In principle, a deal can be a win-win one, since bookmakers present the best odds on it. You have the potential to get a big prize by investing a little money in a bet.

But no bookmaker will work at a loss. Therefore, the main rule when choosing Bet of the Day is a thorough independent analysis of statistics and cross-checking with our bookmakers. If the betting rate of the bookmaker is not so profitable on the results of the analysis, you should not accept this deal.

In-Play Tips

This type of betting is best when you are already an experienced bettor. You must have a good understanding of football, analyze statistics correctly, and understand what happens on the pitch during a match. Then you can make successful bets right in the course of the match.

Keep in mind that there can be a bad internet connection in Tanzania. And for successful in-play bets, it is vital to have a good quality connection so that all the events on the pitch are broadcast as they are, with the minimum delay. We all know that the situation in the match can change in just seconds!

So choose the most reliable internet service provider with the best and most stable connection. Then you will have a reliable base for instant in-play betting.

For our part, we strive to provide the most accurate soccer betting tips in the course of the match. Make decisions based on your knowledge, intuition, and our tips. Match betting can help you beat the bookmaker by taking advantage of a good match between match events and odds.

How do our experts make their tips?

Our best betting tips are based on a thorough analysis of statistics, many studies, and thousands of watched football match hours. We take into account dozens of factors to make our forecasts. These are some of the main criteria that our experts analyze.

#1. Team shape – the number of wins and/or losses of the club in the last 6-12 games. It is easy to imagine that a team with a lot of losses does not believe in its strength. Confidence of players in themselves and their club has a very strong influence on their game, the way they take risks, cooperate, etc.

#2. Relative class. It is clear that the Premier League club plays better than the team from the second tier of the country.

#3. Injuries and disqualifications.

#4. Harmony. Are coaches or managers under a lot of pressure? What news of the club – positive or negative? Are the fans satisfied with the way the team plays, what is their style of play? Do players want to go faster on the transfer? These and many other factors also influence the confidence of the players and, ultimately, the outcome of the matches.

#5. Additional advantages: playing at home or away, acclimatization, players’ weather habits, the professionalism of support staff, and many more. Such discreet at first glance criteria can also contribute to the match results.

Do you have football specialists by the league at BSN?

Of course, we have football specialists by league! There is a simple explanation for that. For example, the total number of games in a single Premier League England season is 380. Each match lasts 90 minutes, and you need to add up to 15 minutes of break, as well as injury time (which makes up for all the delays in the game) plus up to half an extra time and time spent on penalty shots.

In addition, the experts are watching the club and the players. There are 11 players in the main line-up, with spare players, coaches, and other persons added to them. You need to know about all of them to take into account their influence in the game. Experts read the news and interviews, collect information, analyze statistics.

That way, the most effective bet tips are only possible if the analysts are focused on 1-2 leagues. Then experts have a very good understanding of all the nuances and can predict as accurately as possible.

How to bet on football tips

First, we recommend choosing a reliable bookmaker.

  1. The online website should provide the safest possible betting environment, user-friendly interface, and fastest betting process. It should also protect customers’ finances from cyber attacks and employee abuse.
  2. Offline bookmaker should support honest payments, comfortable communication with agents, convenient process of accepting bets.

The process of betting is the same on the whole. You choose a match, analyze the lines provided by the bookmaker, put them on bet slip online (or provide the agent at an offline point). You name the amount of money and send the bet to the office.

In Tanzania, it is desirable to place a pre-match. This reduces the risk of making a wrong bet due to a lack of information, slow Internet, and other problems betting on the basis of underdeveloped infrastructure. In-play betting is too risky at the moment.

We also recommend choosing relatively safe markets, which give a better chance that your betting will win safely. These are any over/under, totals, BTTS, corners, double and treble bets. Yes, it is likely that odds in simple markets have small multipliers to win over the exact score or other difficult bets. On the other hand, they have a better chance.

Best tips today are the kind of bets that maximize your potential chances of making a profit. Read them on our website, compare them with other experts, and your own opinion. Place your best possible bet!

What Saturday football tips do we offer?

Saturday is the most popular day for matches of the world’s top leagues. That’s why most football tips are focused on this day. On Saturday most matches are played one after another or at the same time. For example, the Tanzanian Premier League has 5 to 8 matches on the same day and at the same time.

That’s why on Saturdays most often there are players who combine several events. However, the whole range of single bets on all popular markets is available:

  • 1st Half Asian Handicap
  • 1st Half Goal-line
  • 1×2
  • Asian Handicap
  • BTTS (both teams to score)
  • Clean Sheet
  • Correct Score
  • Double Chance
  • Draw No Bet
  • First Goalscorer
  • Goal Line
  • Half Time Correct Score
  • Half Time Result
  • Half Time/Full Time
  • Half with most goals
  • Result and BTTS
  • Score in both halves
  • Total Goals (under 2.5 goals are the most popular)
  • Win to Nil

What about weekend football betting tips?

We offer free football betting tips to all popular markets on Sunday matches. Sunday is as busy a day for football as Saturday. Our experts prepare forecasts for important matches of all world leagues, which are held on weekends.

You have every opportunity to earn money in two weekends! Remember that you need competent forecasts, control over emotions, and excellent knowledge of football.

If you like to bet offline, plan your day in advance to avoid queues and other inconvenient obstacles in betting offices. Online betting avoids these inconveniences.

Most Popular Football Tips Today

The most popular forecasts today are for the most popular football leagues:

  • Champions League
  • English Premier League
  • Europa League
  • French Ligue 1
  • German Bundesliga
  • Italian Serie A
  • MLS
  • Spanish La Liga
  • Africa Cup of Nations
  • Tanzanian Premier League

Probably the most information you can find in English and Spanish leagues, as well as Champions and Europe leagues. Media and fans pay attention to these championships. This means that you have a huge massive of statistics and data on hand. You can bet on the leagues with the confidence in the outcome. That’s why these are the most popular free football betting tips.


Should you pay for football tips?

You shouldn’t pay for football tips. This sport is too unpredictable for analysts to guarantee an accurate result. A good percentage counts when the expert predicts 60%. So, a paid forecast does not exactly justify 4 out of 10 cases. In what other store do you agree not to receive the goods for the given money 4 times out of 10?!

It’s the same in forecasting bets. Don’t let cheaters fool you and lure you out for making impossible forecasts. None of them will ever predict the match 100%.

Can you make money from betting on football?

With a good knowledge of football and years of experience, you have a chance to make money from betting on football. With free betting tips and careful analysis of every match, you have a better chance of making more or less stable earnings.

However, we recommend using money management techniques. This means that you should only spend free money on bets, on which you do not buy food or things for the family. The size of the bets is dictated by your total budget. You can’t bet more than you have free money. Never play on credit!

How do you pick a winning football bet?

Free football betting tips help you pick the best winning bet. We try to provide forecasts as close to reality as possible. Experts select winning bets based on a thorough analysis of the teams.

The analysts take into account the market type, history, and motivation of the players, the type of bets, and other criteria. Thanks to a large amount of information, experts make their forecasts as clear as possible.

How do I win a football bet every time?

You cannot win a football bet every time. If someone promises you this, he is a fraud. Football is interesting because it’s a game with unpredictable results. You can only try to maximize your winnings and minimize losses. Various strategies are used for this, including strategies for managing the bankroll.

Try to learn and analyze as much as possible. In this way, you will increase your chances of winning frequently.

When are our football tips published?

The best football tips for today are published in the evening or morning of the same day that a football match takes place. In this way, you get the latest information about upcoming events. You have time to check the published forecast, compare it with your own analysis, and choose a bet that maximizes your chances of winning.