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England Premier League Predictions

England Premier League betting is the most popular betting type. Fans persistently argue about who is the best in football — Spaniards or Englishmen. This issue is in the category of eternal. Meanwhile, betting offices provide the best Premier League predictions and lines for betting. Premier League betting tips are considered one of the best leagues in the world. It involves 20 football clubs, which meet in matches from August to May. Each club plays 38 matches during the season, at home and away. The competition was founded on February 20, 1992, when the top clubs of Football League First Division decided to separate from Football League and establish their corporation based on television rights. Each year the broadcast rights bring the English League about €2.2 billion, which is shared between the clubs. It is the most-watched football championship in the world. Matches are played and broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays, so English Premier League predictions for Saturday are the most popular. English football is growing in popularity every year, and more and more sports fans are betting on it to win money on their favorite teams. EPL is especially important for Tanzanians. In our country, football is a religion, a gateway to a world of wealth, and great opportunities. That is why England Premier League prediction is so popular. England football prediction will help you to guess the correct result of the match. The fact is that the Premier League has features complicating the betting even for experienced bettors. Let’s work together to figure out how to maximize your chances of success.

How to predict Premier League matches

To use Premiership odds correctly, we will understand how the League works. The leader gets the title of the champion of England. Teams on the 2nd and 3rd places go to the Champions League automatically. The fourth club qualifies for the Champions League. The fifth team is in the Europa League. The sixth and seventh teams are qualifying for this secondary championship, judging by their performance results. That is, for Tanzanian fans of Premier League outright odds include not only an attempt to guess the champion but also who will pass in the prestigious international competitions. Teams that find themselves on 18, 19, 20 places go to the zone of regulation. The clubs with the worst results go to The Championship, the second most prestigious English football competition. For example, the table for the season 2019-2020 (as of July 2020) looks as follows:
  • Liverpool — the winner of the championship title (for the first time in 30 years).
  • Manchester City and Chelsey are the closest to the Champions League.
  • Leicester City, Manchester United and Tottenham are on their heels with virtually no difference in points. If they stay in their positions, they’ll qualify for the Europa League.
  • The relegation candidates are Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Norwich City.
Knowing what positions the clubs are in, we can imagine what mood the clubs are in. Mood and motivation are some of the most important factors in winning the match. For example, the Premier League odds in the match of two candidates for the relegation are difficult to predict. Both teams will fight hard for a place in the top English football league.

How to analyze the data for Football Premier League predictions

Football Premier League predictions are probably the most difficult to win. The fact is that bookmakers provide the most accurate odds on this competition. They carefully study all the League’s teams, calculate the probabilities, and offer the odds that are closest to reality. Bookmakers in Tanzania take the most profits from bets on the English League, and therefore they do not want to lose money on incorrectly calculated odds. That’s why you have fewer chances to find value bets, in which bookmakers have miscalculated probabilities. Only the most experienced bettors can successfully work with Prem odds. For correct predictions, you should thoroughly investigate all available data. News sites and other information platforms provide a large number of statistics, news, interviews, based on which you can make Premier League today matches predictions. What you need to know for a good analysis:
  • News
  • Team and player statistics
  • Current championship Fixtures
  • Injuries and disqualifications
  • History of head-to-head meetings and so on
Try to find out what form the teams are in and what key players play in their lineup. Find out how important the match is for the teams — say, the already mentioned entering to the Champions League or survival in the relegation zone. In both cases, there will be very important matches where the teams will try their best. Tanzania is not as easy to deal with the Internet as the US or Europe. But for accurate Premier League match predictions, try to ensure that you have access to the best information sites where all the statistics and news are posted:
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com
Our site offers the most reliable Premier League predictions. Check your guesses with our expert analysis and make profitable bets. Compare Premiership betting odds with different bookmakers and choose the most profitable ones. The odds for English football are not too different, but even small differences can affect the amount of your winnings.

Where to bet on the Premier League

Which bookmaker should you choose for the best betting odds Premier League? In Tanzania, quite a convenient way is probably to go to an offline betting agent. There are a lot of offline shops in the country:
  • Meridianbet is a famous Tanzanian bookmaker.
  • Premier Betting — works at Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, and Arusha.
  • M-Bet is the first operator for mobile betting in Tanzania.
The offline agent will accept your bet, and you will only have to wait for the outcome of the match. To choose a reliable offline bookmaker, you should pay attention to such indicators:
  • The convenient location of the point
  • Honest EPL football odds (compare them to online sites or among themselves)
  • Courtesy and offline service quality
  • Working hours — which hours are the fastest to bet on
However, keep in mind that online bookmakers have several advantages:
  • You don’t have to go anywhere to bet. The bet is quick, literally, in a few clicks.
  • Online bookmakers place honest odds with no extra margin (bookmaker commission)
  • You can check the statistics and news on other sites at any time.
  • Often the online websites themselves offer an extensive online soccer database.
  • The choice of online bookmakers is more than offline. You can choose more profitable Premier League odds.
Which online bookmaker is best for you? We put our predictions, where many offices with Premiership betting odds are shown. You can choose the most suitable one with the best betting odds.

How do you choose a bookie in Tanzania

Let’s look at the criteria for choosing a bookie. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the diversity of the markets and the Premier League odds. Most offices specialize in certain types of bets: classic, statistics, futures, prop bets. In the case of English football, the situation is a little easier than with other sports. League is so popular that you can find it in any office for bets. Check how fast the site works at different times of the day. Depending on the software, the platform may run without or with delays during “rush hour” when many bettors are simultaneously making Premiership betting. Find out if it’s possible to bet on mobile devices. Some platforms offer mobile versions of websites, and some offer downloadable applications. Check out how convenient it is to work with a mobile site or application. Read the reviews of the selected betting offices. See what advantages and disadvantages they have, tools, betting types, bonuses. Find out what players write in their reviews — more negative or positive, what might be the problem. One more thing — a welcome bonus. As the African saying goes: “The world does not make promises to anybody.” If a betting company offers too much bonus, that’s a reason to be wary. Carefully read the terms of the promotional campaign for beginners: how much you need to win back, in what terms, what other obligations you get along with the bonus money. The main rule: the more tempting the offer, the more demanding it is. Check if it is possible to refuse the bonus and make an English Premier League betting without it. The minimum deposits required at a betting office may not be that minimum. Some ask to deposit from $10, others from 100. You can check the minimum deposit policy for Terms & Conditions on the betting company’s website or in the reviews. Support should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Before you open a betting account with a bookmaker, try to contact the support team with any questions and check how quickly the staff responds. In addition, as far as they speak, whether you understand their answers. Having done this before registration, you will know exactly how support will react in the future if any questions arise. The bookmaker must pay the winnings for the right bet on the English Premier League. Read the following sections: FAQ, Payments, Terms & Conditions to find out all terms and conditions about payments. Find out through which services you can withdraw money, what the fees are, and how long is the transaction. You can also find this information in the bookmaker’s reviews. The speed and comfort of the deposit are also important. Find out all deposit details before depositing in the overviews and on the website of the betting offices.

How to bet on the Premier League

To place your bets correctly, you need to understand Premier League odds. Knowing the types of bets and markets were to choose them, you increase your chances of winning. English football is good because bookmakers offer a huge number of different bets on every detail of the matches. To make EPL odds with maximum success, apply the following rules:
  1. Only bet when you have value. It is a situation when you are sure that the bookmaker is wrong, and you have the opportunity to get more profit than expected.
  2. Focus on certain markets: either over/under or first time/full time only. That will make it easier for you to select information related to these markets and make the right Premier League predictions today.
  3. Write down the detailed history of your bets: when, on whom, what the odds were, what you got in the end. Analyzing your bets will help you optimize them and choose the best strategy.
  4. Start accounts with several bookmakers. You can win on the difference between odds or hedge your bets.
Use tools such as the Premiership odds checker and matchup analyzer. The first one will tell you which bookmakers offer the best odds for your bets. The second one will clearly show you the history of team meetings, their form at the moment, who has the best chance to finish the match with a victory. Find websites with this information on the Internet:
  • Premier League Stats
  • ESPN Premier League Stats
  • EPL Index
They will help analyze the match and make the right England football predictions today. We have selected some statistics that will help you to bet more confidently. Home field advantage in the Premier League. Teams win on the home field more often in 44.5% of cases. The home-field advantage is 30.3%. The draw accounts for 25.2%. It means that 1.54 goals are scored on average on the home pitch and 1.19 goals on the away side. The biggest field advantage is recorded in Everton, Southampton, West Ham United. How much Premier League matches are drawn at halftime. After the first half, such indicators are observed:
  • Home Win 34.0%
  • Draw 42.3%
  • Away Win 23.7%
Premier League clubs ending matches under/over 2.5 goals:
  • Over 1.5 – 74.3%
  • Under 1.5 – 25.7%
  • Over 2.5 – 52.5%
  • Under 2.5 – 47.5%
  • Over 3.5 – 30.2%
  • Under 3.5 – 69.8%
Both teams in Premier League matches. Both teams to score yes is 51.3%. No — 48.7%. That is, both teams score goals in more than half of the cases. By the way, the probability of a zero score is 8%.

Premier League accumulators

Premier League betting odds are multiplied in special type bets — accumulators. These are bets, where several events, independent of each other, gather. Odds are multiplied among themselves, due to which bettor increases the potential profit. Remember that potential does not mean a guarantee yet. You win if all events in the accumulator are guessed correctly. If at least one event is lost, you do not get the prize. Some bookmakers in Tanzania offer to partially make up for lost accumulator with one wrong outcome. But the sum of replenishment is always less than the possible reward. To win a bet of this type, you must be an expert in the world of English Premier League tips and predictions. You need to be able to analyze all the information about football matches. We help you win with betting tips Premier League weekend and today. Types of betting accumulator (or what acca bets can be made with):
  • Double (on two teams)
  • Treble (on three teams)
  • Each Way
  • Over/Under
  • BTTS (Both Teams to Score)
  • Asian Handicap

Latest Premier League Odds

Premier League fixtures predictions in the season 2019-2020 are unique. To begin with, the season was stopped for 3 months due to the corona virus pandemic. The administration of the League did it after several players, and staff members were ill. The matches continued on June 17 (2 meetings), and on June 19-22 there was a full round of football meetings. There was also introduced a video assistant referee (VAR) review system. Manchester United has the most decisions turned in their favor by this system. Other features:
  • The Liverpool club has won its first title since 1990.
  • Manchester City and Liverpool continue to rival for the title.
  • Chelsea came to the top of the table after Maurizio Sarri left, and a new manager Frank Lampard was appointed.
  • Changes have been made to the regulations regarding backpasses, penalties, handballs, and substitutions.
Thus, the latest Premier League odds look like this. Bookmakers consider Chelsea and Lester City to be unlikely candidates for the top 4 and put very high odds on them. Manchester City is still in the same position. Liverpool has become an even bigger favorite of bookmakers, with their odds at the lowest possible level. Find out the best betting Premier League predictions on our website and make the right bets with the Tanzanian bookmakers!