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France. Ligue 1

France Ligue 1 predictions fot Tanzanian players

Ligue 1 predictions are made on the matches of the top league of French professional football. The competition was founded in 1932 and consisted of 20 teams, and each participates in 38 matches from August to May. The promo and regulation system at the end of the season is exchanged with Ligue 2 (three teams each). The top 3 teams automatically go to the Champions League. Two of them get into the competition immediately, and the third one goes through the qualification round. The fourth team goes to the Europa League. France Ligue 1 prediction includes all these chances. The St Etienne club is proud of the biggest number of titles in the league — 10. In the 2000s, the table was dominated by Lyon, who won 7 championship titles. The French are not very good at international competitions. The last time that Ligue 1 clubs made a strong statement was in 1993 when Marseille won the Champions League. The French championship has been dominated by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for the last few years. France Ligue 1 football prediction also takes into account that this competition produces brilliant players. However, talented athletes do not stay in the country but go to clubs of other top leagues. The only exception is the PSG club. On our website, you can find the best France Ligue 1 prediction tips, which help to bet on many markets. Our experts carefully study all matches of the competition and make predictions based on statistics, analytics, and extensive experience. Tanzanians can bet with the best chance of winning with our Ligue 1 prediction tips.

How to predict Ligue 1 matches

The French league is considered very technical compared to others. Set play continues to be the preferred tactic (when the ball is returned to open play — free kicks, corners, sometimes throw-ins). But recent seasons show that the French are gradually changing their approach. Now only a third of the balls are scored with set play. All statistics in the article are based on the results of the season 2019-2020. In the season 2019/2020, Paris Saint-Germain FC continues to dominate with a serious gap from the opponents. On average, the same club scores 2.52 points per game — the strongest team in the league. In a sense, Ligue 1 predictions may seem boring, since PSG has been the leader for a long time and has several orders of magnitude stronger than its opponents. That is, Tanzanians should not hope to earn on futures on the winner of the tournament. 59% of clubs keep clean sheets. The Parisian team is also leading in this. OGC Nice Côte d’Azur, Toulouse FC, Amiens SC, AS Saint-Étienne has the smallest value of clean sheets. The goals are scored every 35.7 minutes. On average, 2.52 goals are scored per game. The highest probability of a goal being scored is at the very end of the 1st half and also at the beginning and end of the 2nd half. In 54% of cases, the goals are scored in the 2nd half and 46% — in the first half. 48% of matches end in the first half.
  • 49 goals French clubs score at home
  • 03 — on a visit
  • Teams have +45 home advantage (45% more goals than away)
  • +31 advantage in home defense (31% less likely to concede goals than away)
Most often, a match ends with a total of 1-2 balls (22% of all matches). Three goals occur in 21.9% of cases. The most frequent score is 1-0 (14% of cases). Top goalscorers:
  • Kylian Mbappé
  • Wissam Ben Yedder
  • Moussa Dembélé
  • Victor James Osimhen
  • Neymar
If you want to get the right statistics, consider these statistics. You should also analyze the team’s shape, the number of victories and losses in the last 6 matches. Logically, fresh victories support the fighting spirit of the club and the mood to win. Losses, therefore, have a negative effect. Also, pay attention to the key players of the French teams. If the main players are in good shape, the club is likely to win the match. This is especially true for teams that are in the league table below. Injuries and disqualifications affect the results. Keep an eye on the news to increase your chances of winning the French national league prediction. The importance of the match also affects the motivation of the team. By the end of the season, the teams in the middle of the table do not give much importance to victories and losses. They have earned the necessary number of points to maintain their position in Ligue 1. But the top clubs that are fighting for a place in the Champions League or Europa League strive to win at any cost. The season calendar influences the results of the matches. If a club plays in a national competition and an international championship at the same time, it sets priorities. Which matches are more important, and where to invest more resources. Usually, the international or national cup is more important than the position in Ligue 1. This affects the Ligue 1 predictions.

How to make France Ligue 1 table predictions

Each season, bookmakers in Tanzania offer different odds on outright betting markets. Who will get the title of champion, who will go to the European championship, who will take part in the second division. All of these bets allow you to get a good profit if the bettor performs a proper analysis of the matches. Pay attention to club lineups. Find out all the information about key players, transfers, reserve players, and youth teams. For example, if the favorite is good in the main lineup but has a weak squad depth, his chances of reaching the top are reduced. A club with good substitutes increases the chances of winning in the finals. Keep an eye on the goals of the club. Coaches and club managers can talk about goals in interviews. For example, the coach states that he wants to focus on the Europa League. In this case, the correct prediction France Ligue 1 will most likely indicate a relatively low team position in the national league table. If the managers say they want to focus on the French league, the club’s position is likely to be at the top of the table. Also, analyze the history of the club. Usually, the French teams stay somewhere within their usual position in the table — in the top, in the middle or closer to the bottom. Of course, there are exceptions, and you should not miss them. France Ligue 1 betting tips will help you make the right bet.

Where to bet on the Ligue 1

We recommend finding Ligue 1 betting tips and betting with reliable bookmakers. Residents of Tanzania can bet offline and online. These are the betting shops in the country can provide good service:
  • Betpawa Tanzania
  • Bikosports
  • M-Bet
  • Mkekabet
  • Premierbet
  • Sportpesa
  • Supabets
These bookmakers in Tanzania offer offline betting points and convenient websites. You can place your bets with agents or on an online platform. We also recommend that you pay attention to online bookmakers with an international reputation. They usually offer fair payouts, convenient betting facilities, and a wide variety of markets to earn money from the sport. For example, a wide range of sports can be useful when there is a break in football seasons. You can bet on basketball as the easiest sport to predict. Tennis, boxing, and other single kinds of sport are more difficult to make the right predictions, but you will get a lot of adrenaline trying to do it.

Which leagues should you bet on while there are no matches in Ligue 1

If you want to bet only on football, you can pay attention to other leagues with more or less the same predictability as France Ligue 1. For example, here are the most predictable competitions, where it is enough to bet on the favorites to make a profit:
  • South Korea — K3 League
  • Lithuania — A Lyga
  • Bahrain — Premier League
  • Belarus — Premier League Reserve
There are also leagues where favorites win most often, such as Estonia — Esiliiga, Australia — Southern State League, Norway — Eliteserien, South Korea — K-League 1. African leagues such as Zambia — Super League, Tanzania — Premier League are quite difficult to predict. The level of predictability is lower than in the English Premier League or the Italian Series A. If you are a fan of France Ligue 1, we recommend you to bet on more stable competitions. In addition, bets on favorites will ensure a small but stable income.

How to bet on the Ligue 1

Ligue 1 predictions today will help you make the right bets on French clubs. The first market to consider is over 1.5 or over 2.5. As statistically, the average total of the French match is a little over 2.5. The second bet, which can bring a good profit — Both teams to score. Most often this market works well in matches of clubs:
  • Amiens SC (68%)
  • AS Monaco FC (64%)
  • FC Girondins de Bordeaux (61%)
  • OGC Nice Côte d’Azur (79%)
The most difficult market is France Ligue 1 correct score prediction, as in any other league. But it offers the highest profits. You can take a risk with the French league as it has quite stable results.
  • The most frequent score is 1-0 (14% of matches).
  • 1-1 — in 11% of matches
  • 2-1 — in 10% fights
Although we do not recommend betting on an accurate account if you are an inexperienced bettor. In addition, in Tanzania, it can be difficult to find full information on French teams, because the spread of the Internet in the country is still quite low. We suggest that you limit yourself to more reliable and simple markets. Almost guaranteed success at Home Win rate because of the strong home advantage. Of course, to increase your chances, you need to carefully analyze the history of team meetings and their personal ratio of victories at home and abroad.
  • Paris Saint-Germain FC wins at home in 86% of cases, and away at home in 77%.
  • Olympique de Marseille is good at home, winning 57%.
  • AS Saint-Étienne wins at home in 29% of matches and away in 7%.
  • Toulouse FC wins at home in 23% and holds a record 0% home win.

Ligue 1 accumulators

To make a Ligue 1 accumulators, follow these principles:
  • Choose a market with both teams to score or any one connected to your account. The French are quite technical players, so it’s rare for a match to end in a zero draw.
  • Choose bets related to home advantage
  • Focus on one or two markets
  • Take bets on matches where one team is in good shape, and the other is fighting the black bar.
With the right betting selection, you will increase the chances that the Ligue 1 battery will win on all elements.

Latest Ligue 1 odds

Keep an eye on our prediction France Ligue 1 odds. PSG is almost a permanent league favorite, but 19 other teams are competing! Tanzanian players can choose their best bet on French teams with the best odds. Our experts, analyzing French football, consider odds from dozens of bookmakers and select the best ones for bets. Read France Ligue 1 football prediction and win.